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Group Therapy Analysis Through the Mind of a Stutterer

The rush hour begins and along with a thousand others I too got up early today.
Chasing my inane dreams, a constant battle between the forceful spirit that yearns for a radical change & the antagonistic mind ruminating all those possibilities had begun.
The palpitation seems to overpower and bluff your self-beliefs when you are about to enter a populous confined infrastructure. On the contrary, the clinic was much more of a homely atmosphere. With the emancipating culture of the premises, one is positively driven towards change.
Comparing it to the previous therapy session, luckily of which only a few glimpses exist in my memory, I could only see myself as an improvement from the former.
A kick start to the session with the alternative reading exercise, naïve to me, went on smoothly.(Thanking those articulation and ROS sessions/practices).
Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the dire need to chalk out my matter for every turn.
The fuchsias (newbies) had a heck of a ride with names. I hope remembering them is gonna be their forte now.
The short-movie Stutterer(an Oscar winner and well deserved)arranged in the class, was an emotionally intriguing piece of work.
While a stutterer would firstly relate to only the afflictions faced by him as described, the movie had a broader vision and message to be conveyed.
To learn from the courage of people who have more grave adversities in life and yet take an initiative against such profanities!
The next lesson was on Institutionalization and a reprise of therapy and speech basics.
Dr. Sajiv has always been an active philanthropist and mentor on his ideas about institutionalizing his therapy methods for the betterment of the masses.
He gave us a detailed insight on the problems to be addressed, people to be involved, changes to be made and his course of action.
The entire discussion driven by Sir involved active participation by all individuals inviting suggestions & viewpoints.
Contributing to the concluding individuals were asked to give a brief summary of the above.
The idea was to gather what parts/which moments had a deeper impact on each person. In a way, it summarized the beautiful and thought provoking day of today.
Another brick in the wall today!
Another forward step on the road to fluency! - by Aseem Bhaskar

Group Therapy Analysis Through the Mind of a Stutterer
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