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Psycho Therapy
Who can benefit from Counselling and Psychotherapy?

We can help you with mental health concerns and disorders in order to help you achieve positive attitude towards Life and overall emotional wellbeing.

People most likely to benefit from our services are:

People who need help with issues like indecisiveness, low confidence, stage fright, adjustment problems

Those diagnosed with Mental health disorders like depressive disorders, OCD, Anxiety and phobias.

Individuals, couples or families who require help regarding interpersonal concerns like marital counselling, family counselling, couples counselling

People requiring psychometric assessment for various psychological concerns like Personality assessment, assessment for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, OCD, etc.

Children who require assessments for intellectual, academic, behavioral or emotional issues like IQ assessment, assessment for ADHD & Autism, Learning Disability assessments, etc.-

 Those requiring help regarding general life issues & stress counseling. etc.

What makes us different 

Our highly professional, RCI licensed Clinical Psychologists aim to help you achieve overall mental well being and holistic development, because a better society starts with a better you.

Dr. Parul conducting workshop

Trainings & Mental Health Awareness

Out team specializes in providing workshops and trainings on various mental health issues to schools, corporates and other social groups.

Dr. Parul on World Mental Health Day

Evidence Based


We use well established evidence based psychotherapy techniques for various child and adult mental health concerns and disorders.

Dr. Parul conducting Therapy Session



Our treatment approach focuses on patients' individual concerns and needs. Treatments are
customized based on clients' specific issues.

Dr. Parul at Clinic

Our team comprises of highly trained, RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) licensed mental health professionals capable of catering to diverse issues related to mental health & illness.

Licensed Therapists

and Practitioners

Need Help?

Asking for help can be overwhelming. More so, from a therapist if you have no experience with one before. We understand that, but rest assured, your effort today can help you shape your future. Just drop us a message or connect with us on Social, and we will take it further from there.

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