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Fun at Yoga
What is
Yoga Therapy?

A holistic wellness program that is uniquely designed to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. The program is customized for the needs of individuals, groups or corporates and also caters to specific issues arising from lifestyle and also health problems.

The Yoga Therapy program is especially helpful for:

Breathing ailments like Asthma.

Stress, Anxiety and other Mental Health issues.

Joint pain and mobility challenges

Pregnancy care for  Expecting Mothers

Post COVID recovery

Problems arising from Lifestyle Issues.

What makes us different 

Our trained instructors provide one-on-one sessions tailored for needs of an individuals or a group. We also provide completely customized corporate sessions catering to needs of your employees.



Every individual has unique mind and body. That is why we believe in providing tailored services for an individual or a group.


Our instructors are professionally trained and well experienced in leading yoga sessions and delivering world class experience.

Be it travel plans or busy schedule, there is no reason good enough to keep you from your wellbeing routine. That is why we offer flexibility of online sessions.


Get in touch to know more or book your session.

Feel free to let us know if you have any specific needs and we will be happy to customize the program accordingly.

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