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Communication is an Integral Part

An Information is knowledge only if it is shared. How does one share it? By giving it an expression.
A view, when does it become a view point? When it gets an expression.
An idea, when does it make a difference? When the power of an idea gets an expression.
A vision, how does it form out of the white cells? When it gets an expression.
But the most importantly, how does one get an expression? by Communication.
but for which the world would not be what it is today.
Why do we communicate?
Possibly to make others understand one’s own concern, ideas and vision.
And how one makes others understand is an art of communication.
Interestingly, all of us in one way or the other try to communicate but without realizing that what we are communicating whether we should or if so then how. Broadly, any effort to establish any communication with anyone will be possible only on the desire of sharing some information. Sharing of information actually means enlarging the group of people who share the same concerns, ideas and vision.
There is no doubt that all of us use communication skills in our own way to make things happen. But those who use these skills effectively are able to write history rest becomes part of it. So the choice is obviously for the growing individuals to make on communication skills to be part of their personality who write history.

Communication is an Integral Part
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