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Stammering in any shape, form or degree can affect your confidence and ability to speak publicly.  There are still misconceptions that Stammering can not be cured, which is not true.

Understanding that Stammering is not a disease is as important as the treatment. There is nothing wrong with a stammering person's tongue or brain, it's just that the person is not able to control the speech muscles and has developed a habit that is difficult to shrug off. So, stammering can not be cured by medications. Regular Speech Therapy is the answer.

A professional Speech Therapist can break this habit by analysing mistakes step by step and then by developing normal speech habits and positive attitudes. Treating stammering is Total Behaviour Modification, with main objective of exercising the muscular speech organs and stabalising neuro-coordination.

Did You Know?

Stammering is not as uncommon as you think

Rush Hour


1% of the world's population stammers to some degree.

Hospital Cafeteria


Stammering can persist into adulthood, with 1 in 100 adults affected.

Playing with Wooden Toys


Stammering begins early in

childhood, affecting 5% of children globally.



Early intervention can significantly improve speech fluency.

Public Speaker

Treat stammering before it
affects your confidance

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What Makes Us Different


Our values that stem from an urge to provide better life to individuals and society, ATC has evolved into an institution that prides itself as a blend of healthcare and wellness centre.


We make sure all our clients receive one to one attention based on individual requirements.


Along with our treatments, we also help instill confidence in individuals through regular group therapy sessions.



We have a legacy of developing life long  association with our clients. Our professional team works as a trusted partner in our client's journey to wellbeing, working with them at every step in life.


Our indigenous methods not only help treating speech related issues, but also help develop better overall communication skills within individuals.

  • What are the causes of Stammering?
    Few causes of Stammering are: a) Speech being a learnt behavior, if in the environment (home/neighbourhood/playschool) there is disfluency, child learns unknowingly. b) Purpose imitation of disfluent elder by the child. c)Psychological shock or fear. Generally sensitive child comes under the grip of Stammering. d) Over hurried atmosphere athome by way of talking or in general.
  • What is the difference between Stuttering & Stammering?
    Stuttering & Stammering are the same. Disfluency in speech having blocks in the form of Repitition/Prolongation or Hesitation due lack of Neuro-Muscular coordination is called Stammering or Stuttering.
  • Is Stammering a disease?
    Stammering is a bad habit not a disease.
  • Can Stammering be cured by medicine?
    As Stammering is not a disease so there is no pill/medicine for the fluency.
  • How to overcome Stammering?
    Speech Therapy clubbed with Psychological Therapy backed by Group Therapy followed by Maintenance Therapy can overcome Stammering.
  • What is the right age to work on Stammering?
    One can overcome Stammering at any age. Earlier the better for maintenance of Fluency.
  • Why Stammering is more in boys as compared to girls?
    Research & Statistics show that Stammering is more in boys than girls, in the ratio of 5:1. Reasons are : a) General age of Language development in a child is around 2.5 yrs. Due to biological reasons girls tends to develop language faster as compared to boys. b) Due to social stigma of Stammering, reporting of girls is less in the Clinics, Hospitals or Therapy Centres.

We utilize our decades of expertise to provide answer to
all your speech related challenges.


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